Wet Games

Water. Transparently beautiful. Covering itself with foam when excited. Tasty even though tasteless. Precious in its commonness. Hypnotizingly innocent. Source of fun, temptingly letting us to play despite its power. . . . Water as a source of play is the topic of the photo series below.         WET GAMES Nice, France […]

The Rainbow of Darkness

The harsh beauty of a volcanic landscape. Black. Weird. Gloomy. Silent. Powerful. For many people too gloomy to fully admire it. For others, including me, too astonishing to forget. Lanzarote, the island of the volcanic origin was born like Fenix through fiery eruptions and ‘ashes’ of dark solidified lava streams. Oddly placed between Africa, Europe, […]


Amazed by the weird, harsh beauty of the vegetation of Lanzarote island, I’ve started a painting & photography series of different desert plant compositions contrasted with the dark volcanic land. I believe that the plant life in the desert is not only beautiful but can teach us a lot about gratitude and how to cherish the […]


pool painting

What comes to your mind first when you think about water? This is a question I recently started to ask people. The variety of their answers surprised me. I already noticed certain patterns and a connection between their personality type and the answer. For example, when I asked surfers during my recent trip to Lanzarote, all of […]

Botanical Spleen

Because I believe that nature is the best abstract artist.   DELICACY Saigon, Vietnam 2017        CACTUS COMPOSITION I Lanzarote, Spain 2017     CACTUS COMPOSITION II Lanzarote, Spain 2017       PARADISE FLOWER Lanzarote, Spain 2017       MONSTERA & VULCANO Lanzarote, Spain 2018   LUSH Saigon, Vietnam 2017     NIGHT […]

Dark Series

fear painting city woman in a forest oil marzena bielecka

The works presented below come from my first artistic project ‘Dark Series’, which in total consists of 35 artworks created during the winter 2016/2017. I’ve started the cycle and my adventure with painting in general, by transferring into art the visions I had during the hypnotic sessions I attended in  2016. It brought me to the […]


elfoxberlin nude drawing

Is there anything more natural than a naked human body? Unnecessarily shamed in its beauty. Perfect with all the imperfections, the human body is my favourite drawing subject. Most of the sketches below were done in 2-20 minutes during the life drawing sessions.   YUKA 20x 30 cm 2 minute poses, pencil drawing     BODIES […]

Ice Ice Baby

In this photo series, I share some of my photographic impressions taken when freezing. Enjoy!   WALKING THROUGH THE CLOUDS Zakopane, Poland 2016     THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH BEAUTY Laguna Colorada, Bolivia 2013       FROZEN FUN Berlin, Germany 2016       SNOW WANDERER Nowy Targ, Poland 2015   PLAYGROUND Berlin, Germany […]

Little Poland

Lesser Poland is not only famous Cracow. The romantic rural areas are as much or even more worth experiencing before they change. Hilly and foresty, still remain their natural and a bit mysterious soul.  Here are a few analogue shots from Lesser Poland (Malopolska – Gorlice County) taken September 2017. The photos are taken with analogue […]


marzena bielecka abstract art

Some of the ideas are only possible to be expressed in an abstract way.     GRAY AUTOPORTRAIT 50 x 30cm     INDECISIVENESS Oil 70 x 40 cm (sold)       ANOTHER ATMOSPHERE Oil 140 x 100 cm (sold)           PURPLE DAZE Oil 100 x 70cm     LANDSCAPE […]

Marzena Bielecka

marzena bielecka art

I’m a Berlin-based visual artist and traveller, born in Krakow, Poland. Being raised in an artistic environment taught me aesthetic sensitivity and encouraged my passion for photography from an early age. However, my art-adventure started in full in 2016  when I created an art cycle of hypnotic visions relating to my past. You can see […]

Water Series

marzena bielecka sea oil painting

The essential liquid of the planet. Hypontisingly beautiful. Water is the subject of my current art project, where I’m going to look closer at different aspects of this most precious liquid. We are born in the liquid in our mother’s womb. We know how to survive in water before we actually get the ability to […]