What comes to your mind first when you think about water? This is a question I recently started to ask people. The variety of their answers surprised me. I already noticed certain patterns and a connection between their personality type and the answer. For example, when I asked surfers during my recent trip to Lanzarote, all of […]


Amazed by the weird, harsh beauty of the vegetation of Lanzarote island, I’ve started a painting & photography series of different desert plant compositions contrasted with the dark volcanic land. I believe that the plant life in the desert is not only beautiful but can teach us a lot about gratitude and how to cherish the […]

Wet Games

The most precious liquid on the planet. Part of the fluids of most living organisms. Essential. Beautiful. Powerful. And fun! Water as a source of play I would like to present in my photo series below.         WET GAMES Nice, France 2017     UMBRELLAS Venetmigilla, Italy 2017     BLUE UMBRELLAS […]


Lesser Poland is not only famous Cracow. The romantic rural areas are as much or even more worth experiencing before they change. Hilly and foresty, still remain their natural and a bit mysterious soul.  Here are a few analogue shots from Lesser Poland (Malopolska – Gorlice County) taken September 2017. The photos are taken with analogue […]


All the paintings presented below are part of a series of my Dark Portfolio, consisting of 30 artworks created during the winter 2017/2018. They are also my first paintings which I did after not making art at all for 15 years and probably the most honest. I love them the most from all my paintings, […]


sunset marzena bielecka abstract art

Although the images which come to my head when I close my eyes are often abstract, I feel a stronger connection with figurative art. Nevertheless, some of the ideas are only possible to be expressed in an abstract way.   LAUGHTER THROUGH TEARS Acrylics 50 x 50cm     UNINTENTIONALLY BEAUTIFUL Oil 30 x 20cm   […]


bodies , sasha waltz

HUMAN BODY A miracle depicted as shameful. Dressed. Undressed. In constant imbalance between nourishing it and destroying. Face – the most intimate part of our body, every day exposed in its nakedness to the outside world.   CHILDREN’s PLAY       EDWARD       SOUL SISTERS       VANITY       […]

Marzena Bielecka

Marzena Bielecka a Berlin-based visual artist, born in Cracow, Poland. Her adventure with art has bloomed recently. All the artworks presented on this site were created in 2017/2018 and will be updated regularly. Attending the classes of great painters – Roger Servais,  Anna Siek,  Paola Ferrari, Valérie Favre, Barbara Dempsey among others and their encouraging feedback confirmed her belief […]