marzena bielecka artist black and white

Marzena Bielecka

Marzena Bielecka is a Berlin-based visual artist and traveller, born in Krakow, Poland.

Being raised in an artistic environment taught her aesthetic sensitivity and encouraged a passion for photography from an early age. She started to paint in 2016 with an art cycle consisted of 30 artworks (painting, drawing, graphic prints and photos) which were the visual presentations of the visions she experienced during the hypnosis sessions related to her mysterious past.

After creating the dark portfolio, Marzena started to use her frequent day and night visions as well as the innate colour synesthesia as her main art inspirations.

In the surrealistic landscapes, which are now the core of her works, Marzena aims to blur the border between day and night dreams and the so-called ‘common reality’, believing that by developing our perception and imagination we can influence the environment we live into an almost unlimited extent.

Attending classes with renowned artists such as  Anna SiekRoger Servais,  Paola Ferrari,  Valérie Favre, Barbara Dempsey, Pauline Kraneis and Ingrid Brittar , among others, and receiving their encouraging feedback, confirmed her belief that art is the right life path.

The website is regularly updated with new works, so you are warmly welcome to stay in touch on Facebook and Instagram. For enquires, please connect via email: